LCHSMM Livingston County HSMM

The Livingston County High Speed Multi Media Experimentor's group is the original group that started the HSMM advances in Amateur Radio. Livingston County is the Home of the "Hinternet"
This group is open to all that are interested in advancing wireless High Speed Multi Media over Amateur Radio. An Amateur Radio License is not required to join our group.

Files > DCP-1

Name   Size   Creator Created
application/pdf DCP-1 ADC & DAC.pdf
High-speed ADC and DAC schematic
      30 KB   kd6ozh May 14, 2005
application/pdf DCP-1 Assembly Manual.pdf
Preliminary assembly manual
      934 KB   kd6ozh May 23, 2005
application/pdf DCP-1 Audio CODEC.pdf
Audio CODEC schematic
      20 KB   kd6ozh May 14, 2005
text/text DCP-1 Changes.txt
DCP-1 Rev. A to Rev. B/C changes
      3 KB   kd6ozh Mar 27, 2005
application/pdf DCP-1 Digital IO.pdf
DCP-1 digital I/O schematic
      27 KB   kd6ozh May 17, 2005
application/pdf DCP-1 FPGA Pinout rev C.pdf
FPGA and MCU pinouts
      23 KB   kd6ozh May 14, 2005
application/zip DCP-1
DCP-1 OS, RS-232 comm and FPGA s/w
      46 KB   kd6ozh Mar 27, 2005

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